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Why are Bees nesting in Garland, Texas homes?

Bee Safe Bee Removal is noticing many questions about how to exterminate wasps in Garland and how to remove stinging insects from their homes. It is interesting to note that there are many calls from Garland, Texas.

Often overlooked as a small town, Garland is the 12th largest city in Texas. Homes and commercial property developments are rising year by year. Complaints about beehives and wasp nests have followed the trend of rising populations very closely. Live bee removal has become a growing need for Garland residents. Bee Safe Bee Removal has developed a local network of experts for bee and wasp removals in Garland. Our experts are not only beekeepers but trained for live bee removal and wasp extermination.

Garland is situated predominantly in Dallas County, while small parts are located in Rockwall County and Collin County. These are areas where Bee Safe Bee Removal has concentrated its bee and wasp control efforts to provide the best service in the metroplex.

General perspective about Garland has changed fast over the last two years. Garland is often thought of as an industrial city and a labor market. We have seen a change as the city has continued to grow and develop. Today there is a wide array of residential properties in Garland. The value of these properties str rising fast due to diversification of the economy. Safe and fast bee removal has become an important maintenance need as these new properties develop. Property owners have increased their attempts to kill wasps in Garland to retain a good living experience.

Smart homeowners choose Bee Safe Bee Removal to kill wasps in Garland. Bee Safe Bee Removal has become the most reliable company for bee removal in Garland over the past two years.

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Should you kill wasps in Garland? Do not DIY! Call Bee Safe Bee Removal!

Do-It-Yourself or DIY methods can be dangerous for you and your family. Bees and wasps are stinging insects, and their behavior can be aggressive and unpredictable. We have noticed the growing need for safe bee relocation and to kill wasps in Garland. Therefore, we have developed a trained network of beekeepers for you.

There are two main reasons for a huge bee and wasp presence in Garland. First, the climate is ideal for bees and wasps to gather nectar and food, reproduce and lay eggs. Secondly, the topography and greenery provide an excellent habitat for bees and wasps. Garland is a great area to enjoy the outdoors with its many parks and recreation sites. Spring Creek Park, Rowlett Creek Preserve, Lake Ray Hubbard, and Duck Creek Golf Club are some areas that are enjoyed by both people and wildlife.

The high time for activity of yellow jackets, paper wasps, carpenter bees, honey bees bumblebees, etc. is when the temperatures are warmer. This is when Bee Safe Bee Removal and our pest control teams see a spike in customer queries. In May 2019, we received a tremendous number of inspection requests from Garland, Texas.

We received one request from Caddy Cir, Garland, Texas, 75043, in the middle of May 2019. This request was from a customer who had availed our services at the same property in 2013. Although a beehive was located at a different location of her house this time, she was surprised to learn the reasons why bees liked her property so much.

This time the experts at Bee Safe Bee Removal performed a removal with repair service and gave her a free one-year warranty. We were happy to know that she was a satisfied customer once again, and even got to enjoy honey from the removed hive.

Bee and Wasp Removal

Bee Safe Bee Removals. Check out our reviews.

If you live in Garland Texas, or have one of the following ZIP Codes; 75040, 75041, 75042, 75043, 75044, 75045, 75046, 75047, 75048, 75049, know that Bee Safe Bee Removal has a huge range of services that can benefit you and the environment.

We offer free inspection as well. We offer affordable bee and wasp removal services so you can skip the home remedies for bee repelling, bee removal or bee control. And if you want to be proactive, give us a call at (833) BEE-SAFE to bee proof your property and give you a warranty of no bees for a year.

We have a direct line designated to Garland. All residents, property owners, and city government can contact us at 972-960-7378. A free inspection request can be created by calling on this number. We have a dense network of service staff and can perform jobs the same day as our clients call.

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Bee Safe Bee Removal’s Response to Covid 19 for McKinney and Surrounding areas

During these unprecedented times, Bee Safe Bee Removal is continuing to serve our local communities until otherwise mandated. Our beekeepers are doing their best to apply safe social distancing practices and we ask that you join us in this endeavor. We ask that you do your best to keep six feet of space between you and our beekeepers. In these troubling times, it is important that we all do our best to flatten the curve and break free of this virus as soon as we can. Bee Safe and together we can get through this epidemic.

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