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How to Get Rid of Bees

Please do not attempt to deal with the hive yourself. Instead, opt for a bee removal to be done. A bee removal is a method that beekeepers use to either remove a hive from a tree or cut inside a home to retrieve the bee hive. However, bee removals can come into 2 types: an eco-friendly bee removal and a bee extermination. We, at Bee Safe Bee Removal, do not like to kill bees as long as the bee removal is inevitable. You will only endanger yourself and your family if you attempt to do your own bee removal. If you have a bee hive on your property, you need beekeeping professionals to do a bee removal service for three primary reasons:

  • Safety.
    • With upwards of 50,000 bees living in a hive, aggravating the hive without proper tools for a bee removal could be a lethal risk. Beekeepers are equipped with proper suits and smokers to ensure no harm comes to them during the bee removal process.
  • Thoroughness.
    • A proper bee removal includes a removal of both the bees and the honeycomb hive. If the hive isn’t removed, the comb will rot and invite other bees (or rodents) to take over the same hive.
  • Prevention.
    • After a proper bee removal, steps can be taken to discourage future pests, e.g. scent deterrents and construction repair.

Keep in mind, you should not pick just any professional to do a bee removal. Most extermination companies do not perform these key aspects, simply exterminating the bees with no further steps. So, this is where we come in to do a safe bee removal.

Our Bee Removal Process

We take every precaution and step to ensure a quick and safe bee removal service. Below, we will tell you everything to expect if you get on us on board to do a bee removal.

  1. We will require pictures of the bee hive so we may accurately provide a price quote and prepare for the bee removal job with proper equipment.
    1. We give free bee removal estimates or quotes, but we do charge for our bee removal services. We make sure we are competitive of other bee removal companies, but be rest assured we price our bee removals the way we do since we are saving the bees and relocating them to a better home.
  2. After signing a service agreement, we schedule a time for one of our beekeepers to service the bee removal in your home.
    1. We can usually do the bee removal within 48 hours, often with same-day bee removal service.
  3. Upon arrival, the beekeeper will promptly begin the bee removal process.
    1. The beekeeper will first gain access to the hive, if necessary (i.e. a hive inside a wall).
    2. The beekeeper will then escort the bees out, either by taking them in a bee vac (vacuum) to store them until placed in their new home or by moving honeybees directly into a hive box.
    3. The beekeeper will also remove the entire honeycomb hive during and after the bee removal process.
      1. We always take the comb the bees have worked so hard to make to build their new home in our apiary—placing the comb into frames placed inside their hive boxes.
    4. After the complete bee removal of all honeybees and the comb, the beekeeper will spray the area to mask the remaining pheromones (chemical smells) that may attract further guests.
    5. At this point after the bee removal, the beekeeper will perform the repair if construction was necessary and contracted to accommodate such.
  4. The final step is to pay Bee Safe Bee Removal (as discussed with the service agreement).

Bee Removal Cost

Bee Safe Bee Removal does charge for the bee removal services to cover overhead costs (including insurance) to ensure we can keep doing what we love.

Our bee removal services are charged per hive. What does that mean to you? The service cost does not increase with the size of the hive.

Bee Removal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is The Bee Removal Process Safe?

Short answer: yes. Our bee removal process is safe for everyone and everything involved. Your family, the bees, your property…there is zero risk with our bee removal methods.

With a focus on a bee removal instead of a bee extermination, we do not rely on a heavy application of chemicals. We remove all honey, so no rotting takes place to damage your property. The small application of pesticide we do use is solely to mask the pheromones, and the application is completely safe. Our bee removal process completely ensures the safety of your family and property, now and in the future. Plus, we perform a bee rescue with our bee removal; we take the bees to our apiary where they can live to perform key pollination efforts.

What Do Beekeepers Spray?

Bee Safe Bee Removal uses commercial products not sold in stores to do proper bee removals. The product is quite expensive and highly dangerous to everyday citizens who may not know how to use the product properly or how to do a bee removal. All of our beekeepers learn all the ins and outs of a bee removal to adapt to any situation.

Why You Need Live Bee Removal Instead of Extermination?

We wanted to really drive this point home mostly as a warning, for your sake. Bee extermination may be cheaper, but most bee removal companies who exterminate will simply spray to kill the bees and call it a day. In most cases that we have seen, customers call us after a bee extermination with another bee removal company for help since bees always come back to the area. We know how other companies operate, and we can rest assure you that we do not operate like most bee removal companies. We always aim to save the bees. Honey left unattended fall apart and drip all over your property—leading to several issues. A cheap extermination is not worth the thousands you could pay to restore your property.

Besides, honeybees are crucial to our environment and ecosystem. They are our buzzing buddies and should be treated as such. Read our blog if you want to learn more about honeybees and many relevant topics.

Is the Bee Removal Free of Charge?

Unfortunately, all removals have a cost, some of them are around 1 hundred dollars and others can reach up to 15 hundred dollars. There are different reasons why the price of removal could go up are: the size of the hive, the location of the hive and if it requires construction repair.



Bee Hive Removal

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Like we have said, we offer free bee removal estimates for every customer. All you have to do is call us, describe in detail of the situation, perhaps provide photos if you can, and we can give you a free bee removal estimate at no extra charge.

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We are a professional bee removal company with extensive experience in doing bee removals. From a small colony to larger swarms, we not only do bee removals but also warranty our work.

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