Bees in wall in Houston TX

Beehive Removal from air vent on Canyon Street in Houston, TX 76244.

Bee Safe Bee removal team arrived at a commercial apartment building to remove a beehive from the air vent between the 2nd and 3rd floor of an apartment. The removal  took around almost two hours to complete. Over three thousand bees were rescued and over 20 pounds of honey were removed from the site. Our bee removal experts estimate the age of the hive at to be around five to seven months old. Air vents should be covered with a vent cap to prevent any bees, or other stinging insects, from building their hive inside the structure.

Bee Removal Houston

Professional Bee Removal Houston, Texas


Houston is home to a variety of different honeybees, and as such, bee infestations can become a hassle for homeowners. Often, homeowners have novice pest control companies go into their home and kill a beehive without removing the nest. Nests that are inadequately removed cause severe damage to the inside of your home as honey drips down your home and, in time, begins attracting pests and worms as the honey rots. Click Here to see our house of horrors video showing the horrors of improper removal.

Bee Safe Bee removal has over 40 years of experience dealing with honey bees, killer bees, wasps, and other flying stinging insects. We come from a family of beekeepers, and our passion lead us towards starting Bee Safe Bee Removal. We value your family’s safety above all else, and our experienced beekeepers know just how to handle every single situation out there. Unlike traditional pest services, we do everything in our power to save as many bees as possible. Our bees are then relocated to one of our local apiaries so they can not only survive but thrive.

Wap Removal In Houston Texas

Houston Wasp Removal

Houston is also commonplace to find wasps such as yellow-jackets. Yellow-jackets are very aggressive wasps that may attack those near them. Do not try and remove them on your own instead; have our experts safely exterminate the wasp’s nest. Our experts will not only guarantee that the job is done correctly but also ensure the safety of your families.

Bee Removal Services offered in Texas:

  • Hornets Extermination
  • Yellow Jacket Extermination
  • Cicada Killer Extermination
  • Swarm removals
  •  Honey Bee Removals
  • Bee Hive Removals

No form of wasp extermination or bee swarm is too big for our experienced team.

Bee Apiary in Dallas

Caring Eco-Friendly Beekeeping

As professional beekeepers, we care for bees as one would care for any other animal. We safely remove the bees using a bee vac, and then we bring them to our apiary located in the backyard of our business. Then on the weekend we take our bees and settle them in one of three apiaries that we have in Dallas and Oklahoma. Throughout the cold winter months, we make sure to feed our bees plenty of pollen patties to ensure that they have the highest probability of living. We are bee guys and gals; beekeeping is in our blood. For more bee control tips and tricks check out this resource.


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