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Professional Bee Removal Houston, Texas

Houston is home to a variety of different honeybees, and as such, bee infestations can become a hassle for homeowners. Often, homeowners have novice pest control companies go into their home and kill a beehive without removing the nest. Nests that are inadequately removed cause severe damage to the inside of your home as honey drips down your home and, in time, begins attracting pests and worms as the honey rots. Click here to see our house of horrors video showing the horrors of improper removal.

Bee Safe Bee removal has over 40 years of experience dealing with honey bees, killer bees, wasps, and other flying stinging insects. We come from a family of beekeepers, and our passion lead us towards starting Bee Safe Bee Removal. We value your family’s safety above all else, and our experienced beekeepers know just how to handle every single situation out there. Unlike traditional pest services, we do everything in our power to save as many bees as possible. Our bees are then relocated to one of our local apiaries so they can not only survive but thrive.

Bee Removal Services in Houston

Professional Bee Removal Houston, Texas

Houston is also common place to find wasps such as yellow-jackets. Yellow-jackets are very aggressive wasps that may attack those near them. Do not try and remove them on your own instead; have our experts safely exterminate the wasp’s nest. Our experts will not only guarantee that the job is done correctly but also ensure the safety of your families.

Bee Removal Services offered in Texas:

  • Hornets Extermination
  • Yellow Jacket Extermination
  • Cicada Killer Extermination
  • Swarm removals
  • Honey Bee Removals
  • Bee Hive Removals

No form of wasp extermination or bee swarm is too big for our experienced team.

Caring Ecological Bee Removal

Caring Eco-Friendly Beekeeping

As professional beekeepers, we care for bees as one would care for any other animal. We safely remove the bees using a bee vac, and then we bring them to our apiary located in the backyard of our business. Then on the weekend we take our bees and settle them in one of three apiaries that we have in Dallas and Oklahoma. Throughout the cold winter months, we make sure to feed our bees plenty of pollen patties to ensure that they have the highest probability of living. We are bee guys and gals; beekeeping is in our blood. For more bee control tips and tricks check out this resource.

Beehive problem in wall

Another Beehive Rescued in Houston

Customer Location:
Heathbrook Lane, Houston, TX 77094

Bee Removal Houston is proud to be more than just a bee removal company, we are beekeepers too. The safety of a beehive is always put first, they play an extremely important part in the environment.

We always take our rescued honeybees to a local apiary in the area, where they will be kept for educational purposes and construct their honeycombs without causing any damage to people’s property.

For example, this family noticed bees coming in and out of their soffit. Bee Removal Houston sent our experts to investigate. Within minutes with our advanced infrared technology the exact location was found. There were around twenty thousand honeybees in this soffit, collecting nectar and pollen to make honey for quite a while.

To begin the live bee removal process, plastic is placed on the floor and near the walls. A smoker is used near the wall opening to relax and calm the bees. Bees collected from a bee vacuum are gently placed into a nucleus box.

With the bees out of the way, a hive tool is used to cut the combs out of the surrounding area. After the hive is completely removed from the soffit, the location is sanitized to remove pheromones that would attract other bees. Finally, the area is packed with insulation to stop another hive from building in that area. It is then sealed with clear caulk as if we were never there.

Bees flying from a shed

Buzzing from a Shed

Customer Location:
Lark Mountain Drive, Houston, TX 77064

Some might ask “How do bees choose where to begin their new home?” The answer is quite interesting. When a colony’s hive become too small for the bees, a swarm of honeybees leave the hive and scout for a secure location to start building its nest. They look anywhere that is hollow or wooden it has the ideal conditions to store honey. In this case the shed was the perfect place.
A live bee removal process starts by opening the location of where the hive is located. Then a smoker is used to calm the bees down to be less aggressive. This does not hurt the bees, it just helps the bee rescue to go quickly. With the use off a bee vacuum the queen bee and the rest of the colony are safely placed in a bee box.
If you notice bees gathering near your home, it is important to call a professional beekeeper to remove the colony as soon as possible, if not, the bees can move their colony onto your property and build their hive. Check for any cracks or openings around your home or business to make sure they are sealed preventing any bee infestations
At Bee Removal Houston, we offer bee proofing services to keep the bees from returning to your property structure, with a one-year warranty.
The honeybees were relocated to an apiary near Houston with a local beekeeper.

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