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Bee Removal in Plano

Professional Bee Removal Services for Plano Homes and Commercial Properties

Honey Bees are a major pest, although they are essential pollination, they can be bothersome in your home or property so a honey bee rescue is essential. Call our bee removal Plano team and have our team of expert beekeepers professionally remove your bee infestation. Our live bee removals or honeybee rescues are important to us to save bees, because they help sustain our environment and food economy. While competitors may perform honeybee rescues or bee removals while actually being bee exterminators, Bee Safe Bee Removal Plano aims to be the only eco-friendly in Plano to focus on safety procedures through the entire process.

Yes, we are one of the only Bee Removal team in Plano, Texas fully staffed with beekeepers who are passionate about saving bees. What does this mean for you? This means better work quality, caring service and happier customers after bee removals. If you don’t believe us go to Google and type in “bee removal Dallas”, “bee removal Austin”, “bee removal Plano” and “bee Removal San Antonio”. You will see our business pages pop with hundreds of customer satisfaction reviews for our honey bee rescues and bee removals. How many businesses legitimately want you to look at their reviews, especially for a risky industry like bee removals? We always make sure our bee removals are top of the line, so we can relocate bees and you can continue enjoy your home without any disturbance.

Bees Infested Homes

Is my Home Susceptible to Bee or Wasp Infestations?

Plano has thousands of homes created over 20 years ago. These homes where not created with the necessary insulation to keep wasps and honey bees away, so a bee removal or wasp removal is usually needed to take bees out of these tight locations. If modern homes with increased insulation can get infested, then so can these older homes and at greater rates. Honey bees find hollowed out trees to use as their home. Wasps can use any spot practically and a wasp removal would really need to be done quickly. Your house is pretty much a giant hollowed out tree, even more hollow than a tree, that needs to be taken care of with a bee removal or wasp removal. If you believe that your home is susceptible to bee infestations, consider our bee proofing or wasp removal services. You may choose to pay for our bee proofing services where we go in and seal any vulnerable and exposed openings in your house to prevent bee removals or wasp removals. You then have the option to renew your bee proofing protection for a small fee yearly. This protects not only your home but also trees and sheds located on your property that would require a wasp removal from Plano. Ask one of our customer service representatives about our bee proofing today! If you don’t want bee proofing or need it, a bee removal or wasp removal can suffice enough if your home does not have many hollow spots.

Quickly and Affordably Remove Bee Problem

Bee Safe Bee Removal

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