Bee Removal Acton.

Bee Removal Acton

Bee Removal Acton

Bees are crucial for the beauty of Acton. You may not think of such importance as local attractions, like Vasquez Rocks and Devil’s Punchbowl, rely on the rocks for their picturesque beauty, but the plant life supports that view. Plus, who doesn’t want a little green in their life?

To keep the green around, the bees cannot be exterminated. Save the bees; save the green.

Professional Beekeepers in Acton

Removal the Right Way

We rescue and relocate the bees with our bee removals. With our various tools, we temporarily calm the hive, then we move the bees into a portable compartment. We will collect the all of the hive comb that they have worked on, and take the colony to an apiary to thrive.

While we aim for the safety of the hive, we keep the customer’s safety as the primary priority. We are aware of the safety issues a hive can bring as workers attack what they see as threats. We will keep your safety at the front of our mind throughout the process.

Your safety only encourages how we perform our removals, though, because our removals also bee proof that area. By taking out the comb, there is no leftover space and smell to attract future bees, wasps, or rodents. We are sure to remove any trace of the hive and spray the area to further deter pests.

Wasp Removal in Acton

Any Stinging Insect

We can also service any kind of stinging insect. Honeybees are the most docile of the stinging category, which means the other insects should be dealt with twice as quickly. Be it paper wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, or carpenter bees, we can swiftly service you.

Contact us before a problem presents itself.

Timely Servicing Acton

Timely Servicing

We will get to your house in the same day or within 48 hours! We will give you a free estimate upon calling, and we can go from there.

We do serve both residential and commercial customers, so allow us to do our passion of saving the bees for you!

Contact us with any questions! And if you want to learn more about us, our homepage shines a light on our expanding business!

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We are eco-friendly, fast and affordable. All of our inspections are 100% free. Our expert removal teams do whats best for you and the environment. That is why our customers love us. Call now to book your appointment today.

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