Bee Removal Fresno.

Bee Removal Fresno

Fresno Needs the Bees

Fresno needs bees! First of all, without bees, how would we get the buzz from the Fresno Bee? More importantly, take a look around you. Take a look at the Blossom Trail. San Joaquin Valley has its beautiful marks, and honeybees are responsible for pollinating what lovely plant life is around us.

We want to keep that beauty, so, as a local bee removal company, we emphasize the health of the bees. If you have a bee issue, call us and we will save them for the beauty around us.

Professional Beekeepers in Fresno

What Makes Bee Safe Different?

Other bee removal services may use harsh chemicals that will outright kill bees and may not be clean for the environment. Many commercial bee removal products are not necessary and even less effective than a proper removal.

A focus on proper removal of a hive is required for guaranteed safety of all parties (and your property). If an exterminator just kills the bees, the leftover hive will attract future bees, invasive rodents, or other insects. Everything becomes a hassle when the hive is not properly removed.

So, we perform just that. We rescue the bees and take the hive with us, so the bees keep their hive comb they built and there’s nothing to attract critters to your home. Plus, we seal off any scent left behind and offer a guaranteed warranty for the bee removal. This is the only way we can guarantee critters will not invade.

Also, we collaborate with other local beeks to ensure you get serviced as soon as possible. To call in an exterminator is simply not the better option anymore when you can get the hive removed and not worry about anything coming back.

Wasp Removal in Fresno

Stinging Insect Servicing

We are also certified and experienced in removing any kind of stinging insect, be it wasps, carpenter bees, or what have you. All of them can bring health risks, especially as their aggression.

If you have stinging insects, contact us immediately before a sting turns for the worse. We will find the nest, remove it, and take some prevention methods. Many years of dealing with insects helps give us the edge as the best service you will find in Fresno.

Bee Removal Estimates in Fresno

Free Bee Removal Estimates

We have two decades experience, and we will get to your house in the same day or within 48 hours as we can! Give us a call, and we will give you an estimate based on the number of hives/nests (no matter the size).

We simply love California and are actively looking at San Joaquin Valley, Central Valley, and all over the natural beauty California offers. We will serve residential and commercial customers through SoCal to protect the bees that support the area.

Call us today to ask any questions and set up an appointment. To learn more about who we are, what we aim for, and how we operate, our homepage shines a light on our expanding business!

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We are eco-friendly, fast and affordable. All of our inspections are 100% free. Our expert removal teams do whats best for you and the environment. That is why our customers love us. Call now to book your appointment today.

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