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Why Acampo Needs Bees

Of all things, vineyards and wineries are Acampo’s specialty. After all, Macchia, Woodbridge, and Heritage Oak are just three of a handful.

While grape vines can self pollinate, the vineyard still needs the aid of the honeybee. Bee pollination efforts broaden the agricultural diversity of the vineyard. These efforts primarily give the benefit of nutrient balance and pest control.

The pollination of cover crops betters the nutrients for the soil (and any livestock), and bees pollinate insectaries that invite predators of vineyard pests. So, the honeybee creates better wine and grapes while allowing nature to hunt pests that damage the vineyard.


Bee Safe: What Removal Means To Us

When we say we perform bee removals, we rescue the bees. We keep them alive (unlike exterminators) for the critical role they have in vineyards and nature alike.

As important as they may be, we recognize the safety issues for both you and the bees. So, we prioritize your safety and take many steps to ensure the bees are out of your space and no longer a threat.

Our core focus is to get the hive and colony moved to an apiary. Only by taking out and relocating the hive can we ensure bees will not come back. We will also take measures to ensure future insects and pests do not fill that void left by the hive—a service much appreciated. Who wants rats, wasps, or more bees to take over the decaying hive when we can take care of it properly?


Stinging Threats

We are experienced in removing any kind of stinging insect. All kinds of stinging insects, especially wasps due to their aggression and multiple stings, can pose health risks. Dealing with them immediately upon noticing their presence is in your best interest.

Contact us immediately before the sting threat grows. We will be sure to get rid of them and deter any others who would come back.


Immediate, Professional Service

We have two decades of experience, and we will get to your house in the same day or within 48 hours as we can! Give us a call, and get a free estimate. Then, we will go from there.

We will serve residential and commercial customers all for the cause of protecting the bees that support the area—it’s our passion!

Call us today to ask any questions and set up an appointment. To learn more about who we are, what we aim for, and how we operate, our homepage shines a light on our expanding business!

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