At all times of the year there is the issue of your peace being interrupted by a swarm of bees that have formed a hive either on or very close to your property. If you are a home owner in Dallas, Houston, or Fort Worth, honey bees have mot likely been a nuisance to your family at some point in time.

Most people leave bee hives alone, but others have the urge to handle the issue by utilizing DIY methods that claim to be safe on the internet. At Bee Safe Bee Removal, we can confidently state that the safest way to approach bee hive removal is to call in a local professional bee hive removal service company.

There are some steps you can take to prepare for your bee hive removal appointment that can ensure the process moves on smoothly and safely for your household.

Identify the Hive

When you first start to notice that you have an excessive amount of bees hanging around your home, you want to identify the hive before calling a bee hive removal service. Make a safe attempt to locate the hive and find out where it is, what it is attached to, and how large it is.

When identifying the hive, make sure to plan a quick escape route in case you get too close to an aggressive hive, and always avoid the temptation of swiftly knocking down the bee hive on your own.

Dangers of Bee Hive Removal DIYDangers Of DIY

Really, there is only one or actually, one thousand reasons to avoid attempting a DIY removal like gassing the hive or detaching the hive with a sharp edge. Remember, that a single bee sting unleashes its own venom that can potentially be deadly if a person is even slightly allergic to bees.

Multiply that effect by an entire bee hive, and the danger of death severely increases. By performing a DIY bee hive removal, you are putting yourself and your family at risk for:

  • Multiple bee stings
  • Exposure to bee allergies
  • Bee aggression

Call Your Dallas Bee Removal Company

We understand that you want to keep your family safe, but in the situation of bee hive removal we can flatly tell you, “Don’t be a hero.” Call your local bee hive removal company that has years of experience in hives of all sizes and bees of all types. Your local bee removal company will be able to safely remove the hive without putting your family in the way of exposure to dangerous chemicals and other methods that are simply unsafe.

Bee Safe Bee Removal has Your Family’s Safety in Mind

If you are a Dallas-Fort Worth, or Houston homeowner that is suffering from a bee hive problem on your property, let Bee Safe Bee Removal be the only team you look to for help. Our bee hive removal methods have been proven to be efficient, eco-friendly, and safe.

Since we are a team of professional beekeepers you can be certain that our process is not going to involve dangerous chemicals or the angering of the hive on your property. Give us a call today for more information on our services.