Found a bumblebee nest on your property? Although they are known as the cuter species of bee, they are still a guest that you don’t want squatting on your property. If you notice an influx of these winged creatures around your home, it is time to call for an eco-friendly bee removal service.

What Do Bumblebees Look Like?

Wild Texas BumblebeeThey are quite simple to pick out from a crowd. They are relatively large insects that are typically black and fuzzy. Their coloration often varies a lot, and some species have red or yellow stripes on their bodies.

Do Bumblebees Sting?

They are an aggressive insect and will attack if they feel that their nest is being threatened. They will typically give chase to an “attacker” for quite a distance. Among other bees, the Bumblebee delivers the most painful sting. Also, they can sting multiple times. A bee like that would stick to its routine and would not try to sting unless they feel provoked. However, as their nest grows, it is hard to co-live with them and they can become a nuance. This is especially true for homes with children and pets.

What Does a Bumblebee Nest Look Like?

Many bumblebees typically make their nests out of thick grass and leaves, which can resemble debris. They will use any materials available to make their nests such as housing insulation, shrubbery, or even animal fur.

Where Do Bumblebees Make Their Nest?

They can pick a variety of locations. Some of them can be surprising as well.

They typically make their nests in:

  • Mulch piles
  • Inside of trees
  • Inside of walls
  • The eaves of a home
  • On the ground under thick grass or brush
  • Bumblebees also have a tendency to build their nests in the soffits of attics.

How Do Bumblebees Benefit Society?

They are among the insects that pollinate and make honey. However, their honey making habits are NOT the same as Honeybees. They create cups of honey that are more for their own benefit.

Bee safe Bee Removal Gets Hives Off of Your Property Safely

If you notice a prominent buzzing noise in or around your home, you may have an infestation.

Do not attempt a DIY removal. They can be dangerous.

Do not call an exterminator. Extermination is harmful for your home and the environment.

Keep your family safe and get in touch with Bee Safe Bee Removal to get the hive off of your property. Bee Safe Bee Removal is an environment friendly and socially responsible wildlife control company. We have a large network of highly trained service team members. Our service team members have environmental protection and customer satisfaction as their top priorities. The teams would remove the nest or beehive from your property and try their best to relocate the insects to a new home.

We consider it our responsibility to not only satisfy all our customers, but to also ensure the betterment of the planet. Bumblebees contribute to the biodiversity of the planet. They also are help thousands of species of plants and animals to survive. Needlessly killing them would be detrimental for the planet.

However, there are cases where the swarm or nest is located at such a spot that live removal becomes a risk for either our customers or our removal team. In such cases, our removal team makes an analysis of the bumblebees through their expertise. If required for public safety, our removal team can take more extreme measures.

Typically, Bee Safe Bee Removal supports the thriving of bumblebee and all wildlife population. After we confirm the safety and satisfaction of our customers, we focus on rehabilitation of bumblebees over extermination.

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