The cost of bee removal is dependent on three things:

  • The location of the bees
  • The size of the beehive
  • Height of the removal process

Swarm Removals

Swarm Removals are between the price ranges of 195-295 dollars. You should expect to add another 50 to 100 dollars or possibly more for swarms located on a tall tree or buildings. You will also have to pay more for the accessibility of the bees. In other words, the harder the bees are to get to, the more you will have to pay to get them removed. Swarms are big bundles of bees looking to set up a brand new hive once their original hive has grown too big. We do not recommend attempting to remove them yourself as they may become very aggressive and attack, call Bee Safe Bee Removal.

Beehive Removal Without Construction

The second type of bee removal that we offer here at Bee Safe Bee Removal is a hive removal without construction. Bee relocations of this type include water meter boxes, trees, trash cans, and any other hollow structures. Prices vary depending on the size of the hive and the complexity of the removal process. These types of removals are prevalent during the springtime as bees are fresh off of being dormant for the wintertime. The cost of this type of removal ranges typically from 395 to 895 dollars.

Beehive Removal Without Repair

The third type of beehive removal is removal that does not involve any repairs. Often, customers will decide to go ahead and remodel a specific section of their homes after we perform an extraction. In this case, we go ahead and open up the building, remove the bees and leave the area open for their contractors to go in and start their remodel. Prices are typically a little bit lower than the full hive removal requiring construction, where our team seals the area with insulation and replaces the removed portion of the building. Prices range from 495 dollars to 1495 dollars.

Beehive Removal With Construction

The fourth type of bee removal that we offer is bee removal requiring construction. Bee Removals that need construction are more costly due to the intricacies of the process the cost of this type of bee removal starts at around 995 dollars, and it can go upwards of 1995 dollars plus. This would involve potentially having to remove drywall, chimneys, roofing, and then correctly sealing the area where the bees were extracted. These are very important as many people often times call exterminators to kill the bees and thus leaving the honeycomb inside the walls of their home. This leaves behind honey, which eventually rots and attracts rats, birds, and eventually beetle larvae. Avoid this issue by calling one of Bee Safe Bee Removals professional beekeepers to resolve your issue.

Service TypePrice Of Service
Swarm Removal$195-$395
Beehive Removal W/O Construction$395-$895
Beehive Removal W/O Repair$495-$1495
Beehive Removal With Construction$995-$1995+