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Experienced Bee Removal in Fort Worth

We specialize in the removal of all types of bees and wasps. As beekeepers, we have extensive knowledge on how to safely get rid of bees. All of our bee removal methods are safe and eco-friendly. Unlike a traditional bee exterminator, we try to save bees at every opportunity. We remove them from the property using specialized bee boxes and vacs, and we transfer them to a local apiary.

Our bee hive removal methods are safe, effective and very fast. We can usually remove the bees, and their hive, the very same day you call us!

Same-Day Emergency Bee Removal in Fort Worth and Dallas

Although they’re generally harmless in nature, bees pose a serious safety risk when their interests conflict with humans. All it takes is one wrong step to put the bees in aggressive defense mode. In just seconds, you or a loved one could be swarmed by bees and stung hundreds of times. These dangers become infinitely more serious if a person is allergic to a bee’s sting.

Our eco-friendly bee removal services are typically performed the very same day you call us. We understand the dangers of having a beehive in your backyard or even in your house. We’ll come out to your property right away to inspect the bee or wasp problem – and eliminate it – usually just hours after you call us.

Specializing in More Than Just Bee Removal

Honey Bee Removal in fort worthAt Bee Safe Bee Removal, we believe in safely removing your bee problem, but we want you to know that removal is not the only way that we can help you.

There are several bee removal companies in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and small new ones are popping up everyday. Similarly there are many bees in the metroplex area as well. In such circumstances it is important to know why BEE SAFE BEE REMOVAL is the better option for you.

Bee Safe Bee Removals is a highly rated company with 2 decades of experience in this line of work. We have been a pioneer in the bee removal in Fort Worth. We are more then a removal company. We are an environment friendly bee keeping company that prefers customer satisfaction and wild life protection at all times.

We are also very affordable and the fastest in the business. When you call us to schedule an inspection, we do it for free. When you confirm the date that you wish to get service, we arrive on time and ensure customer satisfaction. Our Bee Removal team in Fort Worth can estimate costs for you and can consult you about the best possible solution to your bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket or other wildlife problem. If possible, our experts would try their best for live bee removal in Fort Worth. Their first priority would be to relocate the bees to a local beekeeper.

This is why our customers love us and highly recommend us. Try reading our reviews on any platform and see for yourself.

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We have more than two decades of experience in bee and wasp removal, and we can guaranteed that our highly trained team are courteous professionals. Unlike other bee and wasp removal companies, we perform our job through safe, eco-friendly methods.

If you need your bee problem taken care of, call us today and find out why we are the top-rated bee removal service in the Fort Worth area.

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