Do you live in Texas and need paper wasp nest removal? One of the most common flying insects in Texas is the Paper Wasp. When your home is invaded by stinging insects, it helps to know what you are dealing with and how they are different from species that may have nested on your property in the past.

Paper Wasp Identification: What Do They Look Like?

paper wasp identificationThe size of a Paper Wasp can range from 0.5 to 1.5 inches long. Much like other stinging insects, they can be identified by their colors and patterns on their body. The color of a Paper Wasp can be orange, reddish-brown, and even dark red. Some Paper Wasps even have yellow and red stripes on their smooth bodies, but are distinctly different than Yellow Jackets.

Do Paper Wasps Sting?

Short answer is yes, paper wasps can sting. Unlike other types of wasps, the Paper Wasp is not necessarily aggressive. They will typically only attack if they feel that their nest or colony is being threatened. This wasp is known for its sting because they have the ability to sting multiple times.

Their stinging ability is usually what makes a Texas homeowner call for Paper Wasp extermination.

Paper Wasp Nest Habits

paper wasp nest removalPaper Wasps typically begin to appear during the spring season. A Paper Wasp’s nest has the ability to pop up anywhere on a property, so it Is important that you can identify them by their unique home.

The nest will look like a round, upside-down paper honeycomb. It will be attached to a flat, horizontal surface and will surely grow in size as the colony grows.

What Makes the Paper Wasp Unique?

Aside from their ability to deliver a painful sting, Paper Wasps can actually benefit your garden by helping with pollination. They will also tend to eat caterpillars in the yard, which are common garden pests.

Paper Wasp Nest Removal

While there is a good side to having Paper Wasps around, usually, they do not benefit the home where they build their nest. A wasp sting can be dangerous and even deadly If you are allergic. Don’t take the risk, get in touch with Bee Safe Bee Removal to help you safely and effectively remove paper wasp nests from your home today.