Bee and Wasp removal in Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA provides a warm climate for bees and wasps to flourish. As a result, these problematic insects find their way into our homes and property. At Bee Safe Bee Removal, our highly skilled professionals are ready to tackle any hive or swarm in your area.

Anaheim Bee RemovalDangerous DIY’s may result in harm to you or others. Bee Safe Bee Removal has effective methods of action to assess, remove, and prevent any future infestations. Bee Safe Bee Removal believes in the conservation of bees. We use ecofriendly tactics to insure the well-being of honey bees. During a removal, we use a bee vacuum to remove honey bees and a bee box to transport bees back to a local beekeeper. Through safe and effective methods, we remove the bees and the beehive onsite to maintain the colony’s safety. After we remove the bees, the honey is given to our clients!

There are many different types of bees in the environment and each bee species has a different type of behavior. These are the most frequent bees you will notice around Anaheim, CA:

Honey Bees
• Africanized/Killer Bees
• Bumble Bees
• Carpenter Bees 
• Solitary Bees 

Anaheim Bee Removal. With many different types of bees in Anaheim, it is best to contact a local expert to assess what type of bees you might have. Not all bees are created equally, and some can be particularly dangerous. Therefore, putting your problems in the hands of an expert bee removal service is key.


Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets are an issue in Anaheim, CA. Packing a powerful sting, wasps pose a risk to humans and pets. During bee and wasp season, these creatures come out in swarms to protect their nest. By calling Bee Safe Bee Removal experts, wasps can be removed in a proficient and quick manner. The most common wasps you will find in Anaheim, CA are yellow jackets, paper wasps, and hornets.

At Bee Safe Bee Removal, our mission is to save bees and relocate your infestation to a local beekeeper. Our experience professionals are licensed and insured to the field of bee and wasp removal. We offer a whole house warranty with each removal.

If you have a beehive or wasp nest on your property that needs to be removed, contact us today for a free estimate.

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