David H.

Denton, TX

We had a swarm of bees beginning to build a comb inside our soffit. Harold Wright of Bee Safe Bee Removal arrived on time, assessed the situation, and explained in detail what was needed and why. He treated the area and within a day no flying bees were observed. He was pleasant to deal with and seemed to be very knowledgable. I would use his service again.

Paula R.

Fort Worth, TX

The beekeeper suited up and treated all areas that I indicated to him with a powder that proved to be impervious to subsequent rains and wind. (It was of some concern that I had no such protection – respiratory precautions were in order.) It took about a week before the wasps figured out that they could no longer access their residences on or in my property. Though the surrounding neighbors confirmed that they had the same problem, I have seen only the rare wasp at my property since the second week after treatment. It was money well spent.

Sue H.

Fort Worth, TX

I had them come and kill bees in a hive under a shed. They came out within 1 day and came and repeated the treatment the following week. I did not have them remove the hive but they were very helpful and gave me good advice on removing the hive myself.

Melissa H.

Dallas, TX

The service went fine. The rep. was very professional and on time. He explained whether or not they were honey bees or killer bees and that was helpful as well.

Dale R.

Round Rock, TX

Came a bit earlier than expected and removed the wasps as expected.


Plano, TX

They went above and beyond what was required, even going over to the next door neighbor’s house and removing a nest from his garage.

Courtney O.

Fort Worth, TX

I had a swarm of bees that attached itself to my bird feeder in my backyard. I have 2 toddlers and it was right next to their swing set. I called a couple companies and they were charging $275.00 to just come out and look at it, which would probably be in a couple days, and they could not guarantee that the bees would be removed alive ( which was something that I wanted.) Member Comments: Bee Safe Bee & Wasp Removal came out just a couple hours after I called them and performed a live removal of the bees. They did not even require that I was home and would take a credit card over the phone. They were over $100.00 cheaper, very prompt, and extremely friendly. I would highly recommend this company and would use them again if needed. Darren also gave me his personal cell phone number in case I had any other questions. Very impressed with their service.

William T.

Fort Worth, TX

Did not perform service. I called to take advantage of the Coupon for Wasp Removal and spoke with Harold. I was impressed with his knowledge and honesty. Once I explained our situation about wasps around our front bushes he explained that if I didn’t necessarily think their was a nest then there was some other options I could try first before having to the spend the money to have them out. I think when a company gives you options, as opposed to just trying to make a sale, it shows an honesty that I can only assume through experience reflects not only in their business practices, but also their work. I can’t comment on their quality, since I did not have the work performed, but I can say in just the brief time I spoke with Harold that I will definitely use them if necessary.

Laura H.

Fort Worth, TX

Bee Safe Bee Removal sprayed around the exterior of my house and in a few shrubs/trees for wasps. They knocked down a total of 18 nests during two trips.

William B.

Dallas, TX

Darren came out to take care of a large cluster of bees that had built a hive in a second story eave on the side of my house. I had called in the morning and he arrived by mid afternoon. When he said he would honor the Angie’s coupon, I hired him and within an hour he had decommissioned the hive. He said he would have to come back to remove the hive and we agreed on a day and time. He was very punctual, and did an excellent job of dismantling the eave, removing the honeycomb (about 30 pounds!) and reconstructing the eave. He was careful to caulk the entire area to assure no future nest building. It took him about 4 hours to accomplish all of this since the bees had worked their way into multiple cavities in the compound eave. He was courteous and professional and I was very pleased with his work.

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