Carri C.

Richardson, TX

Reason I Hired Bee Safe: I have had bees in my mint bushes by the pool most of the summer. And occasional other flying stinging bugs in my bamboo. Not sure if they were wasps or yellowjackets or hornets b/c I don’t really want to know but I would like them gone or around as little as possible. One of my friends was stung last week so I finally decided to see what could be done. So I called Bee Safe to come inspect my place to see if there is anything they can do. The Great: Was easy to request a beekeeper come out to inspect my house. Super friendly. Within about 30 minutes of talking to them, a beekeeper, Steven, called me back to schedule a time to come out. He was available for the same day but I preferred to schedule for the following day. He called me about 20 min before showing up, as he had said he would. The Really Good: When he came out it was one of the days where there really weren’t any more bees hanging around the mint bush. Probably because we have recently chopped it down really low. But Steven went around the whole outside of the house inspecting for nests. While he didn’t find any nests and only saw one flying stinging bug, he thoroughly searched our bamboo which is where they seem to like to hang out. He assured me that no nests were on our property but mentioned that they could be as close as our neighbors yard. Steven answered all my questions and was polite and friendly, such an important thing to me for a worker coming into my house. I think he may have even put on a fresh shirt before coming in b/c it was blazing hot out but he was cool as a cucumber when he first arrived. All around great experience. If I ever have an issue in the future, I know exactly who to call.

Jeremy H.

Mesquite, TX

I’ve been using Bee safe for 5 years servicing our apartment complex and they’re great! pest control is never cheap but the bee safe warrantee is the best in the busines. I manage a group of apartment complexes and use them a dozen times a year for bees and wasps. I’ve dealt with probably all of their techs and I hate to pick favorites but Blake and Jeff have to be the most professional and knowledgeable contractors I’ve ever used (and always a pleasure to talk to)! The biggest plus from using Bee Safe is the warranty. Only had to use it a few times because they’re very thorough but those few times I DID need it I’m sure glad I had it because I didn’t have to pay a dime and they came out same day to fix whatever was wrong. Will continue doing business with them!

Rob G.

Rowlett, TX

I’d give them six stars if I could. We found that we had a sizable yellow jacket nest in our wall. Upon inspection by tapping on the wall, we found, in a startling discovery, that you shouldn’t tap on the wall to determine how thick the sheetrock. Those darned insects had chewed most of the way through the sheetrock, I think that it was just the paint between them and us, that was until someone tapped on the wall to see how durable it was… well it wasn’t! They tapped a sizable hole in the wall right where the nest was. We shoved a towel in the hole, and used massive amounts of duct tape to close it up. We called them late afternoon on Friday, and these fine folks rearranged their schedule to accommodate our emergency! That is above and beyond in my book! They had all of the equipment and skills to handle our situation efficiently, and effectively. They removed the bees, hive, sealed the holes, and even recommended a good sheetrock guy! They are professional, personable, and come with my highest recommendation!

J N.

Frisco, TX

Finally a company that doesn’t mess around. While other places I called wasted my time with voice mails, not having experience or just not stepping up to the plate, Bee Safe got this done professionally and the same day. Will definitely call again for future jobs.

K W.

Bedford, TX

Arrived within 24 hours of my call, very professional and I very much appreciate the warranty that comes with the work.

David D.

Dallas, TX

Yellow jackets kept appearing in the house over the past few days, and although the nests seemed to be down, I missed one near our chimney. From the scheduling to Harold’s visit the very next morning, the process was smooth and service was excellent. Harold knows his business and is passionate about doing a great job. The little buggers were looking for a hibernation place and the chimney flue was ideal. After sealing the FP opening in the house and treating all the potential areas the wasps could nest, they haven’t showed up. We’ll bee (pun intended) & keeping an eye out through the spring see if any follow up treatment is needed. Great job!

Laura M.

Richardson, TX

Michelle, in the office, was so knowledgeable and friendly – I just LOVE her!!!

Donna W.

Plano, TX

Bees had nested in the eves of the house. Quite an active hive and annoying. A portion of the eve was removed to obtain access to the hive. They placed a dry killing powder in the hive area and returned in 48 hrs to ensure killing of the bees. The hive comb was removed along with the dead bees. Then using a solution that included bleach and soap the hive area was thoroughly cleansed. Member Comments: The call was made to several Bee removal companies but the Bee Safe company was the most reasonable, cost wise. They were courteous and patient with explanations of the process. Arrival was punctual and services performed as outlined to remove the bees. To date no return of the bee infestation has occurred. It now makes trimming and mowing much less stressful. This is a service provider I would highly recommend and as for return service if ever had a bee problem again.

Nicole R.

Dallas, TX

Harold was very professional friendly and quick. He was very courteous on the phone and arrived within half an hour of the phone call. He explained the process of removing the bees and then performed it quickly. He was very friendly in person and was extremely professional.

Helen G.

Comfort, TX

I purchased the bee/wasp removal special deal from The Angies’s list email. The company was very quick to respond to my contact and to set up a service time. They were very professional and the wasps are gone! Member Comments: It went very well.

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