Paper Wasp Nest in Trees

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It is that time of year when paper wasps start to swarm in your area and begin building nests. Paper wasps tend to build in high areas, from the eave in a house to the limb of a tree.

The process of creating these umbrella shaped nests starts with the wasps turning raw fiber into a paper pulp. The queen looks for wood from trees, fences, cardboard, or logs.Bee Safe Bee Removal received a call from a residential property of a possible hive. When our professional wasp removal team arrived, we found four wasp nests off a tree limb.

Paper wasp nests can house as many as 100 wasps in a season It is important to contact your local wasp removal company as soon as you notice them. Wasp stings are dangerous and can cause allergic reactions.

The process of a wasp extermination

To remove the paper wasp nest, the Bee Safe Bee Removal team began treating the nests and the rest of the surrounding eaves with pesticide dust. Once the wasps were exterminated, our removal team destroyed the nests with their metal scraping tool.

We offer affordable paper wasp extermination in the Dallas / Fort-Worth area and will remove any flying stinging insect safely and effectively.