Do you know who to call when you discover a bee or wasp infestation? Bee Safe Bee Removal is proud to now offer our services in the city of Nashville.

We have been in the bee removal business for generations and we can help you avoid DIY injuries by efficiently and safely removing a bee or wasp problem from your Nashville property.

Where There Are People, There Are Bees

Nashville and its surrounding areas has quickly become one of the nation’s fastest growing populations. When populations rise, generally, so does the issue of bees and wasps.

At Bee Safe Bee Removal we understand the correlation between these two growths. That is why we are prepared to not only serve Nashville, but also many of its surrounding cities. If you live in a populated area, make sure to check your roofs, trees, and chimneys periodically for signs of a bee infestation.

Should you find some unwanted houseguests, contact us to find out about the services that we offer in your area.

Eco-Friendly Removal Helps Boost Nashville’s Economy

Did you know that beekeeping is one of Nashville’s major industries? Over our years in business, Bee Safe Bee Removal has witnessed first-hand how important beekeeping is to the economy in your area.

Unfortunately, due to new developments in herbicides and pesticides, the bee population of Tennessee is in decline. This means that not only is the environment being harmed, but many of your local beekeepers are now struggling to stay in business.

The owners of Bee Safe Bee Removal are beekeepers ourselves. Therefore, our main goal is to get bees off of your property utilizing methods that are safe for you and the bees. No pesticides, no poisons, no environmental problems!

Why Should You Call a Beekeeper?

Aside from the eco-friendliness of using a beekeeper for bee removal services, it’s just the safest route for you to go. In Nashville alone, the species of bees ranges from:

  • European honey bees,
  • Bumble bees,
  • Carpenter bees,
  • To Africanized bees.

Telling the difference between the species can be difficult and unfortunately, not all species are created equal. Some of these bees are aggressive and pose a real threat if their hive is approached. By working with a beekeeper, you will be able to understand what type of bees are on your property and not have to worry about the danger that can be involved with bee removal.

Bee Safe Bee Removal Keeps Your Home Hive Free

If you notice a bee or wasp infestation on your Nashville property, don’t let the hive thrive. Get in touch with Bee Safe Bee Removal today to ensure that your property is safe from the sting of any type of bee or wasp.

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Cities We Serve Around Nashville


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