Phoenix and Tuscon are cities that literally buzz throughout the year. Among the downtown skyscrapers, bustling college campuses, and growing suburban neighborhoods, the need for bee removal services has tremendously grown.

However, instead of attempting to remove a bee problem on your own and risk coming in contact with a dangerous species in the area, look into a bee and wasp removal service that will be able to get rid of your nests using eco-friendly methods.

Africanized Killer Bees Still #1 Bee Problem in Phoenix

Although bees and wasps find the time to nest throughout the year, the biggest bee problem in the city of Phoenix is the Africanized killer bee. The nearly year-round warm climate is essentially a breeding ground for these bees that thrive under particular conditions.

Spotting a Killer Bee

What is unfortunate for many DIY bee removals is the fact that an Africanized bee really just looks like a domestic honey bee. The only way to tell the difference is by getting up close and measuring up the bodies next to each other. The Africanized bee will be a touch smaller than the honey bee. Relying on a licensed beekeeper or bee removal expert is the safest way to determine what your infestation actually is.

Killer bees will usually build nests in the ground and can have colonies with numbers in the high ten-thousands. If you suspect that your Phoenix home is being invaded by these bees, don’t wait, get in touch with a professional.

Bee Safe Bee Removal Offers Safe, Efficient Services in Phoenix and Surrounding Campuses

No matter where you are in the city of Phoenix or Tuscon, Bee Safe Bee Removal is prepared to help you safely remove your bee hive or wasp nest. We are the only company in the area that will safely transport your bees to local apiaries where they will be able to thrive in a controlled habitat.

If you notice signs of any bee infestation in your area, contact Bee Safe Bee Removal today for quick, efficient, service.


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