(Updated since August 28, 2018) Recently, Bee Safe Bee Removal was featured on Fox4 regarding an infestation of potential Africanized Killer Bees in Allen, Texas. We have reason to believe that due to the aggressive nature of these bees, that they are, in fact, Killer Bees. Fortunately, Bee Safe Bee Removal has the knowledge, experience, and tools on hand to exterminate this problem from its Allen location.

Wasp Nest Removal Services

Yes, there are natural forms of wasp control, but sometimes the natural solutions don’t work. If you find that your home has developed a Wasp or Africanized Killer Bee infestation, don’t put your family at risk by failing to call in a professional.

At Bee Safe Bee Removal, we remove wasp nests and dangerous bee removal in an eco-friendly way that will not negatively impact your environment.

Beekeepers Performing Bee Hive Removal

Working with Bee Safe Bee Removal guarantees that any beehive on your property will be removed safely. We don’t pump the area with poisons and use our experience as professional beekeepers to remove the bees from your property while also keeping them alive.

Beekeeping specialists are different from exterminators because we know how to deal with bees to ensure safe, effective removal. We will be able to locate the nest quickly and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our efforts.

Bee Safe Bee Removal Keeps Texas Homes Sting-Free

If you have noticed growing bee or wasp activity in your home or workplace, don’t attempt a DIY removal. Put your problem in the hands of experts. Bee Safe Bee Removal is available for same-day bee removal and offers a plan to keep these pests off your property.

Not only does our work come with a warranty, but we can also sign you up on our maintenance package that keeps bees and wasps away from your home after the hive or nest has been removed. Get in touch with us today if you need bee removal services.