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If bees or wasp are into your home, business or property, you can count on Bee Safe Bee Removal to get rid of them safely and humanely.  Serving the greater Wichita Falls area, we also provide full prep, clean up and repairs as needed.

Bees—particularly honeybeesare an important part of the natural landscape and valuable to the Texas economy. There are hundreds of other bee species are native to Texas that are important to the state’s native plants, according to the Native Plant Society of Texas. Bumblebees are among the most familiar. Their black and yellow bodies are easily recognized.

Crops pollinated by bees have a value of $40 billion in Texas. It’s important to protect them, but that doesn’t mean they should left in your residence, office, or other properties.  There may be as many as 60,000 workers in a healthy colony of bees, and that doesn’t include drones and the queen in the colony. The average number of worker bees in a colony is 30,000. It can be dangerous to try to remove bees yourself and getting rid of the hive and honey requires the skill of an expert. Not removing the hive and honey can result in extensive damage to your property, including mold, rot and other insect infestation.

Bees are not the only stinging insects that can set up residence in a building. Social wasps, such as paper wasps, hornets and yellow jackets can settle in and around structures. 

Bee Safe Bee Removal also removes wasps and their nests. They are often found under the eaves of buildings or under porches, steps, benches or furniture. Wasps usually sting when defending their nests, making it important to hire professionals to remove them.

Honeybees occasionally move all or part of their colony to new nesting locations. This is called swarming, and it is part of the colony’s normal reproductive process. Swarms occur most often in the spring and early summer and usually start as colonies become crowded. A new colony will become defensive in two to four weeks. 

Removing any stinging insects can be a hazardous undertaking for property owners. You should never try to exterminate bees or wasps because stings are a serious possibility. In the case of bees, the hive and honey left behind can cause expensive damage to your home or workplace.

Call Bee Safe Bee Removal for quick, humane, and safe bee or wasp removal services. We respond quickly to solve your specific problem, and at an affordable price. We the best bee removal service in the Wichita Falls area.

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