Every homeowner dreads the moment when they hear the buzz of an unwanted house guest on their property. Bee and wasp infestations can be problematic, and one of the most common insects that we deal with are Carpenter Bees.

What Does a Carpenter Bee Look Like?

Carpenter Bees have very similar visual traits to the Bumble Bee. They are large, around one-inch long. The Carpenter Bee sports yellow and black patterns but also has a metallic shine to their body that makes them unique. This metallic coloring can have a dark blue, yellow, or purple tint to it.

Do They Sting Humans?

Carpenter Bees are a very aggressive insect. They will hover around anyone or anything that comes near their nest.  Male Carpenter Bees do not have stingers, but females can deliver a powerful sting when provoked. It is important to note that Carpenter Bees do not lose their stingers when they sting, so they can sting an aggressor multiple times.

Carpenter Bees Removal

Where Do They Like to Nest?

Carpenter Bees do not build nests or hives like other bees do. In fact, they live up to their name and make their home inside of wood found around a home or property. When nesting, the female Carpenter Bee seeks out soft pieces of wood in which to lay her eggs.

So, if you see Carpenter Bees around your home or notice ½ inch diameter holes in wood around your property, it may be time to get rid of old fire wood, stumps on your property, or have your home inspected for rotting wood.

Bee Safe Bee Removal Keeps Carpenter Bees Off Your Property

Don’t let aggressive Carpenter Bees ruin your summer fun. Get in touch with Bee Safe Bee Removal today to find out how we can humanely stop your bee infestation through our eco-friendly methods of bee removal. We look forward to scheduling an appointment with you and keeping your home bee-free.