Don’t take the risk of injuring yourself or someone else by attempting bee removal yourself. Using an expert will ensure that the bees are completely removed, quickly and safely, so that no one gets hurt.

The Dangers of DIY Bee Removal

If you have a hive of bees on your property, then it’s understandable that you’d want to do something about it. However, it should be understood that tens of thousands of bees can live in just one hive. By attempting to remove a hive via DIY methods, you don’t have the knowledge of how to handle this enormous number of bees. Be warned, if the bees see you as a threat, then they will take action.

Also, if you or your children are allergic to bee stings, then the sight of a hive can be even scarier. You may want to get rid of the bees safely and as fast as possible, but by calling a professional bee removal company, you can easily prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Remember, every year people attempt to solve their bee problems on their own, and every year, mistakes are made when it comes to approaching the removal of a bee hive.

Some common DIY bee removal mistakes include:Bee attack

  • Swatting at the hive with a blunt object.
  • Spraying insect killer at the hive.
  • Covering the hive with a trash can or trash bag.
  • Burning the hive.
  • Water the hive with a hose.

This common mistakes will only anger the bees and could leat to a bee attac to you with the remaining bees of the hive. as a Quick note: a lot of bees are not in the hive during the day, so even if you remove or destroy the hive, the remaining bees will build another in the same place.


Bee Safe Bee Removal has the Right way to Remove Your Bee Hives

The only smart and safe way to remove bees, wasps and hives is to hire an expert. By calling Bee Safe Bee Removal, you can have your bees removed quickly and effectively – without the risk of anyone getting hurt. We often remove bees on the very same day that you call.

As professional beekeepers, we know how to capture bees without killing them, either by vacuuming them with a bee vac or placing them in a bee box. We use all the proper equipment to ensure safety for everyone, and we will remove all remnants of the nest as well.

Before you make the mistake of trying to solve your bee problem by yourself, give us a call today. We are happy to answer your questions, provide professional expertise, and remove the bees from your property!