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Texas Bee Apiary

Bee Apiary 101: Life of a Beekeeper

July 18, 2018 Beekeeping

When you order an eco-friendly bee removal on your property, your main concern is getting the bees off of your land. However, we think it is important for you as a consumer to understand the actual end result of your bee removal via beekeeper; the bee apiary.

You know what the term eco-friendly means. However, once you learn about the apiary and how resourceful of a tool it actually is, you will be more prone to working with someone who practices live bee removal instead of the a standard extermination.

What is a Bee Apiary?

Bee Apiary in Dallas

Also known as a bee yard, an apiary is a location where collected bee hives and honey bees are kept. You may have seen photos or videos somewhere of open land with large boxes located on them that contain live bees. These are apiaries and are a beekeeper’s main tool of remaining eco-friendly and keeping bees alive and happy while they produce essentials like wax and honey.

Who Uses Bee Apiaries

From beekeepers to farmers, apiaries are popular ways to help boost industry and preserve the lives of bees as a species. Every apiary has their use; it all just depends on the person managing the bee yard. Apiaries can take beneficial production directions in the form of:

  • Wax Production,
  • Honey Production,
  • Honey Bee Preservation,
  • And Pollination.

Being knowledgeable on how the different apiaries are beneficial to the environment is important for anyone to understand, not just beekeepers that love honey bees.

How Does a Bee Apiary Work?

When you discover a bee hive on your property and call your local bee removal expert, your goal is to be rid of these “pests.” By working with a bee removal service and specializes in beekeeping and bee relocation you are promoting the use of bee apiaries and safe, economical practices.

A company like Bee Safe Bee removal will remove unwanted swarms and hives and put them in a bee apiary. Here, the bees will have the freedom to survive and thrive. The best part about this type of swarm removal is that it is safe for all parties involved; even the bees. There are no harmful chemicals used in this method.

Once at the location of the apiary, the bees are used for one of the many production specialties that the beekeeper may focus on.

Where Can You Find Bee Apiaries?

If you are a novice beekeeper or are curious about where apiaries can be located, there are some requirements that need to be followed when selecting a location for the apiary.

Dry Location

First off, the location should be dry. Wetlands and swampy areas create lots of moisture that delays the development of the hive and production.

Protect Your Bees From Wind

Your location may be dry but keep into consideration what weather elements could affect the bees in your apiary. The main concern is the wind. Windy locations create problems in hive development and the development of bee families as a whole. If you have no natural barriers, create your own barriers with:

  • High Fencing,
  • Windbreaks,
  • Trees,
  • And Tall Shrubs.

Avoid Strong Shading

Although you may think providing shade is a high priority, it actually delays the flight of bees as they go about their routine in the mornings. Also, afternoon shadows can negatively impact the flight time of bees. The ideal land is a clear location where bees have moderate shade to keep hives from overheating.

Help Us Promote Our Apiaries Through Eco-Friendly Practices

If you are concerned with the preservation of bees as well as bee removal from your property, then Bee Safe Bee Removal is the company to call for your bee concerns. Our team of experts has been in the beekeeping business for decades and has the experience to safely remove your bees. Contact us today to schedule a visit out to your property.

Bee Extermination vs Removal

3 Reasons to Choose Bee Removal Over Extermination

July 1, 2018 Bee Hive Removal, Beekeeping

Summer in Texas is here and it is time for bees to become unwanted guests in the homes of many homeowners. When dealing with bee removal, there seem to be two options available to people wanting bees off of their property:

Both of these methods are essentially effective, but one of them has some more positive repercussions than the other.

1. Bees Are Important to the Environment

We’ve all heard the news, bees are dying off and this is bad because they are very important to the environment. The importance of bees couldn’t be truer. Not only are bees excellent sources for natural honey and the pollination of our vital food supplies, but they also add importance in other areas that include:

  • The pollination of the majority of flowering plants on Earth
  • The survival of the almond population
  • And huge contributions to the beautiful floral views that so many people enjoy

Your favorite fruits and flowers depend on the survival of this population. By opting to work with a beekeeper for bee removal, you are choosing to help the environment continue to sustain.

2. Extermination Chemicals Affect More Than the Bees Involved

Yes, extermination chemicals will get rid of your bee problem, however, the lingering effects of these materials ultimately impact more than just the bees you are trying to get rid of. Bee removal through extermination can pose some serious health risks for you, your children, and even your pets. Even though extermination chemicals only linger for a few hours after use, this is still enough time to create a major problem for family members in the home.

Some pest control companies may promote that they use safe products, but taking their word for it runs the risk of exposing your family that can cause eventual cancer, growth issues, and reproductive problems.

Extermination chemicals that are unsafe also have been found to have long-term effects that lead to diseases like:

  • Parkinson’s Disease,
  • Alzheimer’s Disease,
  • And even birth defects.

It has been seen in the past that contaminants found in these chemicals have been discovered in the blood of newborns. Face the facts, no bee problem is worth putting your family at such a risk.

3. Bee Removal Does Not Cause Environmental Damage

Environmental preservation is important these days and even something as simple as opting for beekeepers during bee removal can make a difference. A beekeeper’s main goal is to keep the bees alive and allow them to thrive by performing their natural habits. When you hire a beekeeper for natural bee removal, you are ensuring that the bees are safely removed from your property in an eco-friendly manner.

Bee Safe Bee Removal Relocates Your Hives with Eco-friendly Methods

Everyone wants to enjoy their summer and a summer full of bees isn’t the preferred option. However, when you are ready for abee removal on your current property, think about the environmental impact on the summers to come. Contact Bee Safe Bee Removal for a guaranteed eco-friendly bee removal method via beekeepers. We value your comfort and the lives of our pollinating friends, and look forward to servicing your issue.

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